Preschool & Tutoring Centers

HOMM has 14 tutoring centers which provide primary education to over 400 children located throughout India. Many of these children live in rural areas where there are no schools available to attend. In other areas, children attend the local government school but are not receiving an adequate education.  Classes are usually held in small shed-like buildings. As a part of our community outreach program, HOMM annually provides school supplies to the children at each center. 

In 2016 HOMM started a preschool in Punjab, a northern state of India.  This preschool now hosts more than 10 children who have never been to school as a result of ongoing and persistent poverty. Several of these children are orphans and would be left on the streets without this assistance. The HOMM preschool provides them with an education and a daily meal. By providing this foundation, we can encourage each child to find hope and a better future. After leaving the preschool each child is encouraged to attend a public school and further their education.

Job Skills

Tailoring Center

Underserved individuals living in rural Indian villages often struggle to find consistent work. Since vocational training is not available, many are forced to work as day workers on farms, construction or scavenge for a living.

In 2016 HOMM started a tailoring center in West Bengal with more than 10 students. Classes are held Monday through Friday in the local church. These students are excited to use their newfound skills to help support their families and communities. As part of the program, they are also trained to teach others, thus ensuring the continued success of the program.

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